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Resources to develop teamwork

We know that each one of you is unique but learning together can make you achieve bigger!

Here are two activities to develop an efficient team.

Self-assessment and reflection

Targeted Learning Outcomes: Teamwork and cultural awareness

Goal of this section: To reflect upon your own identities, assets, and communication and conflict styles. To think about how your identities, assets, and styles might influence how you understand, approach, and think about the project topic, and how you interact on teams.


1.     Map your assets:

Asset mapping is an approach often used in community development, in which a community identifies its assets, and then builds upon and leverages these assets to solve community problems, like hunger or access to clean water or affordable energy.

Create a “map” of your assets (identities, skills, interests, experiences) that you will bring to a team, to the analysis of problems, and to the development of solutions. Note your assets in the following categories:

•       team and project skills

•       personal background and culture;

•       clubs, organizations, and sports

•       technical expertise

•       passions and interests;

•       relevant experiences;

•       related coursework and jobs;

•       creativity (music, arts, etc.).

You can also add categories as you see fit.

You can use the free mapping program ( or another mapping program. You must include your actual map in your assignment submission. See a sample asset map below for an example.

2.     What skills, strengths, knowledge, and experiences you would like to build upon and add to your asset map during this class and/or project work? Choose three.

3.     Create a Word or other document with your asset map image and a list of the three areas you would like to grow in during this class and/or project work (skills, abilities, strengths, knowledge, experiences). You will share and discuss this with your team during your first meeting.

Three areas to grow in:

1.  Evidence-based writing

2.  Research design

3.  Being less passive on a team

Team asset chart

Targeted Learning Outcomes: Equitable and Effective Teamwork


Goal of this assignment: to divide up project tasks based on members’ assets or strengths, and to structure opportunities for members to develop new assets for this and future projects.



1.     In your project team, share your individual asset maps and spend time getting to know one another’s backgrounds, assets, and areas you wish to develop in this project (15-20 minutes, or about 3-5 minutes per team member).

2.     Fill out the team asset chart and divide project or assignment tasks based on members’ assets and the areas in which members’ want to grow. Each task can have multiple members working on it, with some using assets and some developing assets. The students who have assets that others want to develop could serve as mentors (leader/learner) for particular tasks so that everyone gets an opportunity to gain expertise. A sample chart is included below the blank chart. (~20 minutes).

Screenshot 2022-10-13 at 3.10.29 PM.png

Reference for this activity: Elisabeth (Lisa) Stoddard and Geoff Pfeifer. Originally Created for the Great Problem Seminar Program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Workshops, testing, and broader implementation support funded by the Davis Educational Foundation for SWEET: Supporting WPI in Equitable and Effective Teamwork

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